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Here are some simple instructions on how to download your purchased songs:

  • Once you have completed the payment you will receive a confirmation email.
  • At the bottom of the email there is a link to your account on the E-Commerce site.
  • Once you get to that page you need to login to your account if you are not already still logged in from the purchase you just made.
  • When you are logged in you will see a list of Options on the Right side of the page. Click on Downloads link.
  • You will then see the products you have purchased and to the Right of them there is a Download Button.
  • Save your purchased songs to your devise and enjoy.
  • If all else fails and this is confusing for you, please go to https://shop.lesterchambers.com and Login to your account and then follow the above directions.

PLEASE NOTE: We are using PayPal Payment Gateway to complete all sales but you do not need a PayPal account to continue with your check-out. There is an option when you get to PayPal to Pay by Debt Card or Credit Card for your convenience.