In his time with the Chambers Brothers, Lester Chambers created some of the most influential sounds of the 60s, with a tasty blend of psychedelica, soul, and blues that rocked the airwaves with hits such as “Time Has Come Today”, “I Can’t Turn You Loose”, and “Love, Peace and Happiness”. Having spent time with some of the most impactful artists in modern music history, such as The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, and Janis Joplin, Lester has been there for it all. His history makes for an intriguing listen, as this history comes to a head on It’s Time, his first studio album on the Explosive Records label.

On “You Give Me Love” a rising and descending horn line kicks off the record, while Lester sings about the struggles of not receiving the love that he wants. The background vocals are provided by none other than George, Willie and Joseph Chambers, thus being a reunion of the brothers. Together with a variety of harmonica solos, including one that interplays with horns from Bill “Stumuk” Nugent (Frank Zappa), the track makes for a solid opener. Furthermore, the stomping drums from Wilby Fletcher (Harry Belafonte, The Stylistics), and the psychedelic, spacey guitar tone from guitarist Johnny Turner, add a sense of 60s familiarity despite the modern recording.

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released August 31, 2006

Lester Chambers - It’s Time

Lester Chambers - Vocal, Harmonica, Percussion
Bill “Stumuk” Nugent - Saxophone, Horn Arrangements, Vocals on “Rent Me”
Johnny Turner - Guitar
John Heard - Bass
Wilby Fletcher - Drums
Joel Scott - Piano, Hammond Organ, Clavinet
Sergio Pastora - Percussion
George, Willie, & Joseph Chambers - Background Vocals on “You Give Me Love” and “I’ve Got a Dream to Remember”
Sugar Bear - Thunder & Lightning on “Hot Nights”, Vocals on “Fried Neckbone” by the band

Produced by Lester Chambers and Pride Hutchison
Recorded by J. Bradley Cook, Kris Key, Mike Agostinelli
Mixed by Dale Lawton
Mastered by Eddy Schreyer at Oasis Mastering
Assistant Engineers: Connie Hill, Elihja Bradford, Shakespear
Recorded at Mag Dog Studios, Burbank CA, and Explosive Recorders, Hollywood, CA
Mixed at Explosive recorders, Hollywood, CA
CD Graphics Design by J. Buchanan
Cover Photo by Derek Drisdale

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