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Lester Chambers School of Music Foundation
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Issue 15-30 July 29, 2021

Lester Chambers Blasts Forward in Time
Tee Watts has our feature interview with music legend Lester Chambers. We have eight Blues reviews for you this week including a 3 LP Deluxe Limited Edition reissue of Vangard Records, plus new music from Roger Hurricane Wilson, Tito Jackson, Mission Brown, Big Mike Aguirre & The Blu City All Stars, Lisa Mann, Clint Morgan and Tom Buegner.
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Full Moonalice - Time Has Come Today

Lester Chambers and son Dylan have joined forces with Moonalice and Magic is happening!
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Full Moonalice
The New Chambers Brothers unite with Moonalice!
Some Photos For Your Pleasure
Many incredible memories with our fans at each concert. Check out our latest photos below.